Board Director

Rodney Rich

Magnum Opportunities, LLC

Rodney Rich is the Founder and President of Magnum Opportunities, LLC providing business strategy solutions to professionals all around the world. He is highly respected and known for his creativity, dedication and genuine care by his clients and peers. Rodney is an author, speaker and sales expert, with over 65,000 hours of experience in Leadership, Team Building, Business Expansion, Analysis and Sales. He is a recipient of the Dale Carnegie Highest Achievement Award and two-time AAU United States Bench Press Champion.

Rodney believes it is important to give back to his community and has devoted his time over many years volunteering with various charities and fund-raisers. He previously worked with River Cities United Way as Board Member; Community Engagement Chair; and Allocations Committee Chair. Rodney has also volunteered his time in assisting with political campaigns. He is currently involved in the Music Forward Foundation where he contributes to the grant-review process. Rodney is proud to be a part of the Asperger’s Training, Employment & Life Skills organization.

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