Board Director

Steven Gregg

Steve Gregg and Associates

Founder of “Project Dignity”
For 25 years S. T. Gregg has provided veterans, disabled veterans, welfare recipients, disabled persons, at risk youth and the homeless with careers. S. T. Gregg is a performance based company, meeting and exceeding every contract (local, state, Federal) awarded to his organization. Not only does he help his participants, but he also trains and provides careers for their families.

His organization has served over 10,000 people and was awarded one of the largest welfare contracts in the State of Nevada. S. T. Gregg truly understands what it takes to be successful and he really understands what it takes to make these populations successful by regaining employment and their dignity.

– 2002 Volunteer of the year (Nevada Prisons)
– 2002 Peace Maker of the Year (National Mediators, 8th Judicial District Court, Las Vegas, NV)
– 2000 to 2004 National board member for Stand Up For Kids (largest nonprofit in the United States dealing with homeless and runaway teens).

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